I'm a writer and content marketer in the SaaS space. I'm currently a content marketer and writer at Lokalise full-time.

I've had a somewhat unconventional path to finding my career in tech but I wouldn't change it for the world.

Before that, I worked in the public-private sector as a comms/PR officer, founded and sold an ecommerce business, freelanced as a copywriter, and adventured in the culinary underworld with dilettantes.

Through various online side-projects, I decided to pursue content marketing in the SaaS space full-time. In that time I've been fortunate enough to work with companies like Shopify, AirWallex, AppSumo, and Sumo.

In my spare time, I create and experiment with small online businesses. My other interests include running, reading, writing, cooking, traveling, emerging technologies, and business.