Hello! I'm Stefanos Bournias. I'm a Greek national who grew up in Indonesia, studied in the Netherlands, and currently live between Amsterdam & Athens.


I've had a somewhat unconventional path to finding my career in tech but I wouldn't change it for the world. Before that, I worked in the public-private sector as a comms/PR officer, founded and sold an ecommerce business, freelanced as a copywriter, and adventured in the culinary underworld.

Through various online side-projects, I decided to pursue content marketing in the SaaS space full-time.


In my spare time, I create and experiment with small online businesses.

Currently I'm developing my web design skills and learning Webflow to build sites like this.

My other interests include running, reading, writing, cooking, traveling, emerging technologies, and business.

Current Role

I'm currently a content marketer and writer at Lokalise full-time.