What I Do


I'm one of those whose letters tend to veer into essay territory so I'll do my best to restrain myself and keep this short & direct.

My plan is simple: I’ll give you five reasons for hiring me, express my motivation, and show you what I do.

👉🏽 Here we go!

1. I can write clean and concise copy that drives qualified traffic & customers. My strengths are producing case studies, long-form blog posts, email, and social copy. I won't bore you with a list of content formats but I have experience on both the content creation and strategic fronts of content marketing.

2. I can build a content pipeline, manage an editorial calendar and track key metrics. I am also a perpetual student who loves challenges, and I never let the data defeat me.

3. I understand the compounding power of SEO for organic search & know how to carry out KW research to create content that balances quality & SEO writing. I strive to do both in order to truly serve the right audience.

4. I deliver. I always aim to do high-quality work, but I love simplicity, pragmatism, and restating problems. I can be thorough and methodical, but also understand that sometimes perfection hinders speed when the situation demands it.

5. I am a team player. In my relatively short career as an online entrepreneur, I understand team work requires a very different set of skills on top of technical ones. Energy is very real and powerful and I care about bringing the right energy.

So...why Klaus?

To be frank, I have no idea what the perks and conditions are but my reasons are far more profound. I am at a time in my path where I find myself yearning for growth.

I feel like my best work is yet to come and this opportunity to grow alongside a growing startup feels like a step in the right direction. I have things to offer and know that I can grow into a much better version of myself in the process of working with ya'll!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.